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Healthy Breakfast Delights Served Every Morning

A cornucopia of sweet and savory delights served just for you each morning! What a better way to wake up in the morning, gaze at the magnitude of the Aegean Sea and have a taste of freshness? At Petit Palace Suites, we make sure that each morning you are treated to the most delectable meal of the day. Join us in a marvelous journey of the senses, tempting your taste buds and enjoying everything your heart desires!
Fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the orchard, mouth-watering omelets and scrambled eggs with the world renowned Theran tomataki, Greek yoghurt with honey and walnuts, platters with cheese varieties and cured meats, pastries and pies, these are just few of the delicacies you will be able to taste upon waking up in your private Santorini retreat. Amazing flavors, textures and colors, traditional recipes blended with modern touches and sophisticated cooking methods. You will be looking forward to your wake-up call every morning, that’s for sure!

With absolute respect to seasonality and special dietary needs, we have created exceptional breakfast menus which you are going to love. We make sure that everything is cooked to perfection, living up to the highest standards of quality and taste, exceeding your expectations by far! Whether you are fans of breakfast or not, at Petit Palace you will discover a whole new world of culinary temptations! Along with freshly brewed coffee and squeezed orange juice, treat yourself to the most magnificent breakfast with a view and set out on another adventure on the island of Santorini – you deserve that and we do our best to provide perfection on a plate just for you!
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