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Experience Easter in Santorini for a Memorable Vacation

Santorini is an absolute bliss to visit anytime of the year. However, there is a special aura surrounding it during Easter festivities. So a lot of travelers choose to visit Santorini in Easter and become part of this unique religious celebration that depicts the glory of Christianity. Cyclades are lovely this time of the year, with flowers blossoming and fragrances overwhelming the environment along with a beautiful canvas of colors all around.
Locals get ready for Easter, painting their homes white and preparing all these mouth watering pastries that are typical of the day. They dye the eggs red, in order to symbolize the sacrifice of Christ. All at once, they fast in order to prepare their body and soul for the miracle that is about to take place. On Good Friday, all pilgrims go to church and take part in one of the most emblematic mysteries. The Procession follows the neighborhoods and everyone joins in with a candle. On the village of Pyrgos, there are lit lamps across the streets making the whole experience even more magnificent.

On the next day, Resurrection offers unforgettable moments to both locals and visitors of Santorini. Hugs and kisses, honest wishes for prosperity and of course glory of the Lord are blended with the cheerful bell rings on each church of the island. And then, it is time for Easter celebrations! On Sunday there is no house left without happy songs, amazing delicacies and endless hours of dancing.

Spring offers the most marvelous setting in Santorini for Easter celebrations to take place. Book your stay at Petit Palace Suites in the heart of the island, enjoying luxury accommodation and exquisite services. Easter in Santorini is purely magical and is certainly worth experiencing at least once!
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