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The Fierce Presence of the Volcano

Welcome to Santorini, the precious gem of the Aegean and the magnificent queen of Cyclades! For an unforgettable holiday experience, this is an all-year-round destination filled with natural beauty and amazing landscapes. And above anything else, the fierce volcano stands tall and reminds everyone of its indisputable power. This is the driving force of nature, the very core of existence for the island and the Theran archipelago altogether.

Black volcanic soil, craters and lunar shaped coastline, these are the elements that have formed the island of Santorini and have offered a special trademark surviving through the centuries. After ongoing volcanic eruptions, the island has eventually taken its current shape. The imposing caldera has emerged and the steep cliffs have been forged with fire and water. The outcome is purely awe-inspiring, as the volcano makes you realize the unconditional force of nature.
When you reach Santorini, you immediately feel the overwhelming aura of the volcano. In a transcendental environment, you are welcome to experience truly singular emotions. The volcanic influence is unprecedent and provides the ultimate setting for splendid moments of relaxation and invigoration.

The volcano is not to be feared, but appreciated. It is what has given Santorini its distinctive identity. The volcano has marked the essence of Santorini, through a never-ending love affair. There are special daily cruises to the volcano and the islets nearby, introducing travelers to this unique spectacle, this natural wonder that matches no other on Earth. You are strongly encouraged to delve in the preciousness and invaluable nature of Santorini volcano, living the dream on the island while staying at the luxurious Petit Palace Suites!
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