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Santorini Sunset: An Idyllic Masterpiece of Nature

One of the landmarks in Santorini is without a doubt its sunset. The ethereal spread of colors that bursts in the sky and allows you to dream with your eyes open. It is a majestic feeling that fills you with awe and offers an unforgettable experience to be treasured. In Santorini, you live your dream every single day. Again and again, your appointment with nature's wonders is set and anticipates your return.

Whether you choose to admire Santorini sunset in the privacy of your own suite or at one of the world famous spots on the island, the experience is equally breathtaking. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a transcendental journey of the senses, in an environment that matches no other in the world. Just make sure that you can gaze at the horizon far away, without any obstruction. It will not be hard to find such a spot, since the amphitheatrical architecture of Santorini with the buildings literally hanging from the cliff allows you to observe everything in full detail.

And as soon as the time comes, stop what you are doing. Relax and enjoy the atmosphere all around. Watch the sun slowly going down to sleep, leaving its place to the moon. Admire the fusion of thousands of colors, as they come together and burst into flames. This is a truly mystical experience in Santorini and you are most welcome to join in the daily celebration. In fact, don't be alarmed if you feel like clapping your hands and cheering, as soon as this fabulous chromatic combination takes place.

At Petit Palace Suites, you can enjoy a private candlelight dinner overlooking the volcano as the sun goes down or simply lay back in the privacy of your terrace!
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