Unique Experiences for an Unforgettable Stay


Surrender to the overwhelming aura of Santorini and to the hands of our professionals. Amazing massage treatments take place either in the privacy of your suite or at selected spa points in our hotel. Invigorating moments as you gaze at the sapphire sea and enjoy marvelously therapeutic massage sessions! Treat yourself exactly like you deserve and dive in utter relaxation!

20% discount in our spa services for pre-bookings!


Contact us at desolspahotel@calderacollection.gr

Private Candlelight Dinner

Feel the sparkle becoming a flame surrounded by the most romantic scenery during an unforgettable sunset!   In your own privacy, enjoy a delectable dinner as the sun sets, filling the velvet sky with a myriad of summer island pastels. The light of the candles will dance and capture the romance between you and your precious one.   The hot evening breeze will caress your cheeks while the soft music and nature’s masterpiece surround you with bliss.  There is nothing more magical than a private dinner in this unique setting hanging high on the edge of the crater. 


Mental, physical and spiritual balance is celebrated at Petit Palace Suites!  Enjoy Yoga sessions in the most inspiring setting, overlooking the Aegean and feeling the vibe of Santorini embracing you. Wellness starts from within, as you breathe in the clean, fresh air and gaze at the fascinating horizon. A unique experience, transcendental and magical!

Wine Tasting

World renowned wine making takes place in Santorini and it is a superb experience to engage in the most tempting savoring of wine.   Learn about the local winemaking traditions while enjoying some of the finest local wine varieties produced here on the island for thousands of years. Expand your knowledge and excite your taste buds with this learning and tasting experience. 
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