Greek Gastronomical Mediterranean Diet Getaways

*Please note that during 2020, breakfast will be served in our restaurant and not room service. For room service breakfast there is an additional charge 20€/per person/per day.

Caldera Collection’s Healthy Food Vacations is a unique concept in luxury diet and weight management getaway packages.  
For travelers who want to maintain their weight or simply adhere to a healthy diet.
With astonishing natural beauty, spell-binding views and world-renowned sunsets, Santorini’s rugged geomorphic features, its exquisite beaches and its abundance of things to do both night and day elicit physical activity, making the island a natural gym and constituting the al fresco fitness program of the Caldera Collection.
Featuring a low-cal gourmet Mediterranean diet prepared with fresh, artisanal food sourced locally from the fertile, mineral-rich volcanic soil of Santorini Island, our food is exceptional from a dietary, nutritional, qualitative and gastronomic standpoint. 
Our breakfasts are always a treat, whether traditional or continental.  As the first meal of the day is also the most important, we believe that every item on the breakfast table should be as delectable as it is wholesome.  The select, locally-sourced artisanal ingredients that we use in the hearty breakfasts we prepare freshly and exclusively for our guests every day enable them to enjoy the pure and singular natural flavors of Santorini in each and every bite.   Thanks to our use of the natural low-cal sweetener stevia, even our baked breakfast treats are guilt-free.   We also add one or two homemade items to the breakfast buffet every morning on a rotating basis, prepared with pure, fresh, wholesome ingredients.  This variety adds an element of surprise and delight to the morning meal, ensuring that our guests’ gastronomic experience is always unique, always exceptional, and always memorable.  
In the friendly luxurious environment -complimented by high quality service and modern amenities- of the Elia Restaurant, guests can enjoy a privileged dining experience by the pool. Featuring authentic island specialties and delectable Mediterranean creations, Elia restaurant caters to every palate, whether vegetarian, meat or seafood.  The prime location affords diners panoramic, surrealistically spectacular views of Santorini’s caldera, the Aegean Sea, and environs.  Even dropping in to enjoy a legendary Santorini sunset over an à la carte meal and a glass of the island’s famous local wine, Vinsanto, is a sublime, transformative experience. 

Special programs for travelers who want to lose weight during their vacation.
With a minimum 10-day stay and two consultations with a professional dietician, a proper meal plan is tailored for each guest who wants to lose weight, keeping the individual both focused and motivated. 
Gluten-free meals/Guests with dietary restrictions.
Our meals also cater to individuals with food allergies, sensitivities and restrictions.
Whether you have gluten intolerance or simply prefer a gluten-free diet, the Caldera Collection goes to great lengths to ensure that your meals are as healthy as they are delicious.  We provide a wide range of gourmet gluten-free options from which to choose as well as an ample number of our Mediterranean diet and international dishes that can be modified for the gluten-intolerant. 
In addition to accommodating gluten-free guests, the Caldera Collection is able to accommodate most special dietary needs or restrictions.  So whether you are gluten or lactose intolerant, allergic to specific foods, vegan, or even keep kosher, you can enjoy your vacation with meals adjusted to your individual dietary needs. Simply check the appropriate box upon registration, or notify us upon check-in.  
The special gluten-free meal option is included in the cost of the healthy food program, and contains no extra or hidden charges.
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